“John is a fantastic motorcycle instructor, building trust and confidence between you, him and the machine…”

My first encounter with a motorcycle took place on a Saturday morning on a CBT with Solo Motorcycle Training. To tell you the truth I was a little nervous and did not know what to expect. I was very quickly put to ease when John (the motorcycle instructor) began to run through the format of the day… step by step. The day kicked off with an introduction from John and then we began to put on the kit provided by John (from head to toe)… We were now ready to start the day all kitted up in our safety wear.

John began to explain the basics about the motorcycle from where all the controls were to the mechanics of the machine. As always a demonstration of the the task would be shown by John before the rookies would have a bash. The first task in hand would be putting the motorcycle on and off the stand. Once we had all mastered the task we were then to move on to the next task. We would walk with the bike to get a good feel of weight and manoeuvrability. Once we had these under our belts we would move on to starting the motorcycle and practicing motorcycle control. Before lunch we were able to ride around the course quite well for rookies which John had set out. After dinner we talked about road awareness to brief us before we were to venture on to the road. Fantastic… what a day, I could not believe I had ridden a motorcycle on the road, considering the fact that before 8am that morning I had never touched a motorcycle before.

After I had a taste of the CBT, that was it I had the bug and wanted to be able to ride a bigger motorcycle. John advised me how to do this… first the theory test, mod 1 would need to be completed and then mod 2 to be completed then I could enjoy a bigger motorcycle. The challenge was set and me and John began our journey together on training days for the mod 1 on the car park style test at Macclesfield rugby club, which we practised on the day before (so I guess we had a head start), we passed first time. The next test would be the road style test (mod2), me and john took to the road practising and covering all bases. With Johns brilliant coaching I passed again first time.

John is a fantastic motorcycle instructor, building trust and confidence between you, him and the machine!!!
Thank you John, Ryan Nicholls Poynton

 “I enjoyed every minute, the instruction was superb…”

Having left the motorcycle world behind in my youth it was with some trepidation that i planned my return. I wanted to do things properly and being somewhat unsure with so many changes over the past 30yrs i rang ” Solo ” who guided me through what i required. My instructor John took me from my CBT though to my final test with a short intensive course. I enjoyed every minute, the instruction was superb as was johns company with his knowledge and love of all aspects of motorcycling. I would recommend ” Solo ” to anybody looking for motorcycle training from novice to expert or like me born again !!!

Andrew Tushingham.
retired police officer.

“John’s approach to training is unique and highly effective…”

In Autumn 2012 I finally decided at the ripe old age of 60+ to try and achieve a lifetime ambition and get a full motor-cycle licence.I booked lessons with a local training centre who got me through CBT and Mod 1 on a 125cc bike but I failed Mod 2 twice and was ready to give up.

John Wilson of “Solo” was recommended to me as a “no-nonsense” ,1 to 1 trainer. “If John can’t get you through nobody can”. I was re-motivated and contacted Solo.

Best advice I ever had!

John made a brief “on the road” assessment of my riding and said “do you want a full licence?”.
“Of course I replied, time is running out!!” “ Right, let’s do it” he said.
In a word John was brilliant. Very focussed, very safety conscious, and totally dedicated to the job in hand. Failure was not contemplated.I passed Mod 1 and Mod 2 first time on a “big-bike” and a completely new world has opened up for me, when I had been very close to giving up.

Biking is fabulous. Efficient, great in traffic, as thrilling as you want it to be, and comfortable year round with the right gear. John’s approach to training is unique and highly effective.

All you need is enthusiasm, oh! and don’t forget to turn up with a bin.. John at Solomotorcycles will give you the “L-plates” to throw in!!

William Helliwell

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